A collection of ideas about the shared dreams that we call reality

Truth Hackers explores the philosophical and social mechanisms that define the truths of our world. This production is written, performed, and produced by Daniel LaFavers to help remind us all that we are beings of tremendous magic, and that we all bear a great responsibility when we speak and believe our world into being.


Episode Ten: The Reality of Magic October 2021 Transcript Listen

Magic is real.

Magic is the ability to imagine something different in the world, and to then manifest that imagination into reality.

We are the dreamers. We are the builders. We are the magic awakened.

Episode Nine: Alternate Realities July 2021 Transcript Listen

There is a war underway for the reality of America. If you have the toolbox to manufacture realities, you can change the world. On January 6, thousands of citizens decided that in their world the only right thing to do was to break into the United States Capital building. Reality is an exercise in imagination, and the antidote to a bad reality is a better reality.

Episode Eight: Health Realities May 2021 Transcript Listen

Our food is mass-produced for flavor and cost and shelf life. Food science and production are manipulated for profit, leaving our metabolic systems in distress, and driving us into a profit-based health care industry designed to keep us just well enough to take our daily meds, while our choices are limited, the costs are hidden, and our deductibles are turned into dividends.

Episode Seven: The Reality of Money April 2021 Transcript Listen

Money is fundamental to the human experience. Like so many other aspects of our world that exist only through the shared dream of cultural convention, money is mostly imaginary.

The trick, more or less, is to start with time-dependent money, so that you can get acquire time-independent money.

Masters of money who have recognized the fundamental nature of money and its multiplication have shaped and defined the limits and capabilities of what we are able to imagine.

Episode Six: The Reality of History March 2021 Transcript Listen

History moves through us as waves move through water. We are the medium of history and the keepers of our collective memories.

What does it mean to refer to the Civil War as The War of Northern Aggression? If we choose to honor men who fought against our nation so that they could own other people as property, then this is who we are.

It is not an unreasonable question to ask today, why do we allow gun ownership to be sanctioned by the Second Amendment, but at the same time ignore the original intent of that amendment? We must learn and understand our history, but we are not living in our history. History is living through us.

Episode Five: New Realities - January 2021 Transcript Listen

Truth is a game, and the stakes are high. Reality is on the move. In this hyper-connected world, anyone can say anything, and there's someone somewhere who will believe it.

It is no longer sufficient to believe something. We need to be careful and thorough and patient, and we need to understand why we believe, and to be able to justify that with evidence and clear thinking.

Understand that you are a creature of magic. You have the ability to speak reality into existence. Every word you speak moves some part of the rudder of truth. Whether you speak with kindness or out of anger, you are choosing one reality over all others that could have been, a reality where you were mean, or lying, or were kind, or patient, or well-informed.

Episode Four: Religious Realities - January 2021 Transcript Listen

It should be a simple question. Do you believe in god, or are you an atheist? A lot of people all over the world say they believe in god, but do they all believe the same way? Does believing in god mean one thing, or is not believing as varied as believing?

The problem with an atheism versus religion approach is that it locks us into a false choice. Faith versus evidence. The seen versus the unseen. To divide the world like this, you have to cut your soul in two and throw half of it away. We can do better than that.

Episode Three: Political Realities - January 2021 Transcript Listen

Do we live in a country of laws, liberty, freedom?

When we stop believing in freedom, justice, law. They die. They stop being true. What is today's reality can slip, so easily, into yesterday's history.

It falls to us, the people, to carry this sacred responsibility, to do the best we can to sift out the peddlers of false views from those who - even if we disagree with them - are honestly trying to find the right path.

Episode Two: Hacking Reality - January 2021 Transcript Listen

In our world today, we spend a great deal of energy trying to decide what is right, what is better, how we should pray, or eat, or propel our cars. It requires a mastery of imagination.

What was once a natural and innocent apparatus necessary to bind our communities together with common purpose and history, with shared goals and laws, is now routinely abused in the hands of sorcerers trying to recast reality.

Episode One: The Reality of Reality - January 2021 Transcript Listen

There's something out of balance in the world.

It feels like we're constantly at war now, where both the prize and the casualty is the truth. We fight with ourselves, with fight with each other, and more and more we find ourselves even fighting with reality itself, or even just trying to find it.

We are always taught magic is a thing for silly children to believe in or maybe something real, but mysterious and only for the gods themselves. Who are we to pull the levers of the world, to tinker with reality itself?